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URGENT – January 2015 – Federal Proposed Regulations

Thanks for making your voice heard on federal regulations!

Several Massachusetts people commented on The US Department of Education’s new regulations for teacher preparation during the public comment period which ended Feb. 2, 2015.  Thanks for responding to the AACTE and MACTE Board calls to contribute recommendations to the department.

Comments Deadline Date was February 2, 2015.

The links that people found helpful will be left up for future public commenting initiatives.

1.  AACTE developed a template that can be used as a model if you would like help on how to write a letter such as this.

 Click here for the AACTE letter template………………….

2.  Information on how to submit your comments to the U.S. DOE and to your legislators.

 Click here for guidelines and directions on letter submission…………

3.  Letters to use as examples – feel free to copy/paste from these letters……..

      Click here for a letter from the MACTE Board……..

  Click here for a letter submitted by ESE to the Office of Management and Budget that had a deadline date of 1/2/15

4.  SCOPE – the State University Council of Presidents’ Standing Committee on Professional Education commissioned a report on the regulations that is helpful in understanding the major points of the regulations.

Click here for the SCOPE report…….






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