Past Conference Information

FRIDAY, April 12, 2019
at College of the Holy Cross, Hogan Center
1 College Street, Worcester, MA 01566

The Making of a Teacher:
Many Participants, Shared Goals

Keynote Speaker & Panel Facilitator 

Michael T. O’Connor is the director of the Providence Alliance for Catholic Teachers (PACT) program at Providence College in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. In this role, Michael coordinates a Master’s secondary education track, teaches Master’s level education courses, provides supervision and coaching to the program’s teachers, and offers professional learning support to the program’s partner Catholic schools in the New England region. A former middle school English Language Arts (ELA) teacher and instructional coach, Michael received his Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the Lynch School of Education at Boston College. His research interests include international designs of collaborative professionalism and writing, language, and literacies. His research on collaborative professionalism with Andy Hargreaves led to the publication of their recent book:  Collaborative Professionalism:  When Teaching Together Means Learning for All (Corwin Press).

Morning Sessions

Title: Putting Students at the Center: A University and Partner School Collaborate in Service of Teaching and Learning Presenter: Dr. Laura Baker, Westfield State University, Ms. Lisa Bakowski, Edward P. Boland Elementary School, Dr. Terri M. Griffin, Westfield State University, Ms. Nancy Rosazza, Edward P. Boland Elementary School, and Mr. Jared Hawk, Westfield State University Description: University-School partnerships offer a context to bridge theory and practice in service of teaching and learning. In this presentation, a principal, classroom teacher, university student, and two university faculty members will share their experiences collaborating within a Professional Development School model to support children, teachers, and teacher candidates.
Title: Raising our Expectations: A Continuous Improvement JourneyPresenters: Dr. Ellen Ballock, Dr. Priscilla Nelson, Ms. Julia D’Onofrio, Ms. Briana Kowolenko, and Ms. Eunbee Noh, Gordon College Description: This presentation highlights our collaborative continuous improvement efforts around the High Expectations element of the CAP. We will share key assignments and supervisory resources developed and their impact on teacher candidate learning. View Presentation Slides Here
Title: The Making of “One-of-A-Kind” Teachers in Special Education Presenters: Dr. J. Edward Carter, Bridgewater State University, Ms. Cassandra Harris, Davis Elementary School, Ms. Katherine Kelly, Kennedy Elementary School, and Ms. Kelly McInnis, Clarke Middle School Description: The making of a special educator has unique features that are often neglected, misrepresented, or misunderstood in the preparation process for undergraduate or graduate students. The presenters will describe outcomes of a three-year qualitative research project that explored their roles and decision-making processes as beginning special educators. Implications for future training will be discussed.
Title: Leveraging Evidence for Collective Learning: Collaboration in Quality Assurance Teacher Educators: (Re)Defining Ourselves Presenters: Dr. Cheryl Stanley, Westfield State University, Ms. Wendy Wiggins, Westfield State University, and Dr. Mark LaCelle-Peterson, Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation Description: What can national accreditation offer a state with leading-edge expectations for educator preparation? The Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP), founded by educators in 2017, offers collaboration and innovation in quality assurance. AAQEP provides ongoing opportunities for collaboration and feedback. This overview includes AAQEP’s first Massachusetts member. View the Presentation Slides Here

Afternoon Sessions

Title: Creating a shared vision of effective teaching: Utilizing collaboration with all participants in a university-district partnership Presenters: Dr. Rebekah Louis and Dr. Jennifer Bryson, Boston University Description: To ensure teacher candidates enter their first year ready to teach, participants will learn to create a shared vision in a university-district partnership. Discussion will include how we expanded our 10-year partnership with a Boston Public School, including the creation of a leadership team to build a shared vision of effective pre-service preparation highlighting fieldwork experiences. View the Presentation Slides Here
Title: Moving from assumptions to questions: Action research in the practicum experience Presenters: Dr. Patterson Rogers and Dr. Lisa Schneier, Emmanuel College Description: This presentation focuses on teacher candidates’ development of an action research case study during the practicum experience. It will outline how we guide teacher candidates, in a seminar course, to turn classroom observation into questions instead of assumptions about students. Exemplar projects will be included to illustrate how action research builds a reflective practitioner. View the Presentation Slides Here
Title: Bridging Theory to Practice through a Collaborative Field Experience Presenters: Dr. Annette Sullivan, Fitchburg State University, Ms. Jennifer Brown, McKay Arts Academy, and Ms. Tanya Rowan, Fitchburg State University Description: Presenters will share their model for a collaborative approach to pre-practicum experiences. This model connects what is being taught in the University language arts course to best teaching practices in a public school classroom. Participants will gain strategies for creating more meaningful field experiences through partnership work with local schools. View the Presentation Slides Here
Title: Getting your hands dirty early: The benefits of an on-site strategies course for pre- service secondary education teachers Presenter: Dr. Sarah Thomas and Ms. Leah O’Bryan, Bridgewater State University Description: The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE) is exploring ways which it might better support local decision-making about curriculum content and access. Participants will hear and discuss ESE’s vision and proposed strategies for ensuring that all students and teachers in Massachusetts have meaningful access to high- quality, standards-aligned curricular materials. View the Presentation Slides Here
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