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Marge Magurik Receives MACTE’s Friend of Education Award

Congratulations to Marge Magurik for receiving the MACTE’s Friend of Education award at the Spring 2018 conference!

Marge has been involved in PreK-16 education for pretty much her entire life.  She started teaching as a Special Education Classroom Teacher in 1973 and then went on to become the Consulting Teacher for the School District in Leavenworth, KS.  She also taught as an elementary and middle school classroom teacher in Madison WI.

She and her family moved to Amherst, MA where she started her higher education career at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and served there from 1995-2017.  At the College of Education she held numerous positions starting as a part-time lecturer, full time lecturer, the Director of Secondary Education Programs, the NCATE Assessment coordinator and, finally as the Assistant Dean of Educator Licensure.  In addition to teaching at UMass Amherst, she has also taught at the University of Connecticut Neag School of Education, University of Wisconsin Madison, Child and Family Studies, New Concepts Foundation, Madison, and Madison Area Technical College, Madison, WI.

She has also done International Education work.   From 2002 – 2005 Marge was involved in the Armenian Civic Education Project, traveling to Armenia and working with teachers there to develop social studies curriculum, including the first Armenian Social Studies textbook. She continues to provide consultation to schools in Krgyzstan and serves as a consultant to the International Training and Development Center in Amherst, where she has worked with teachers from across the globe in rethinking classroom practice and curriculum.

While at UMass Amherst during her time at the College of Education her active support of teacher-mentors, supervision of clinical faculty, and student teachers has contributed to the success of field placements, graduation and licensure of STEP students. Her SRTI course evaluations indicate overwhelmingly high ratings. She has augmented her work with service to the local, state and national communities in ways that further serve the mission of the College and University.   She was instrumental in building and maintaining the structures that allow UMass Amherst to prepare educators while developing partnerships that deepen and enhance this work.

Furthermore, Marge took on additional duties serving on doctoral committees and conducting her own research. Marge maintained an active research agenda, including publishing, reviewing papers for refereed publications, grant writing, and presenting at professional conferences.  Her research focuses on understanding the transformation of the teaching and school counseling professions, both from pre-service and in-service perspectives. Using practitioners’ voices as a point of departure, she worked to develop innovative models that can be applied in a variety of educational settings and to understand the complexities that accompany reforms.

We have known Marge as a colleague on the MACTE Board for 11 years, with three of those years serving as secretary.  During her tenure on the board she has demonstrated a quiet unassuming way of just getting done whatever needed to get done.  Due to her technical expertise and tireless work, she has been able to bring the MACTE website into the 21st century.   Recently she has helped to streamline the registration process for conferences, which now can be completed electronically.  Among the many other tasks Marge took on were the Secretary for the Board, which included taking minutes, managing registration at the conferences and any other responsibility for which she often volunteered.  Whenever I had a question about an issue or needed some kind of information, Marge was often my first go to person.  She always met the needed request, usually within 10-15 minutes, often occurring early in the morning, usually between 6-6:30.  We used to say that Marge was a person of few words..but at the meetings when she spoke it was always something important.    The old TV commercial used to say “When EF Hutton talks, people listen.”   We could easily substitute Marge’s name for EF Hutton, because when she provided comments and insights to issues being discussed, we listened carefully.

Marge and her late husband Robert, (a tenured professor at UConn), were an incredibly close family with their two daughters Melissa and Jennifer.  When Marge and Robert were not working on academic research together, or developing programs with schools and the broader community, they LOVED to play golf in and around the Connecticut River Valley Golf Courses, and always made an annual trip to Prince Edward Island.  For those of you that don’t know Marge well – you might be surprised to know that despite her calm demeanor, collegiality at work and within her circle of friends – she is actually a feisty competitor on the golf course.   Marge has also taken up quilting with her good friend Kim and woodworking with Bev and Dave.

Marge has been a solid, contributing member to the MACTE Board for many years.  We will miss her insights and reflections on the various educational issues the Board addresses.  Perhaps more importantly, we will miss her unselfish willingness to take on whatever needed to be done, her contributions to the meetings and her friendship.  We wish her much happiness in her retirement, time that she will be able to spend on other interests and perhaps most important, time with her family and grandson Teyo.

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